Soteriology Seminar in Bulgaria

News August 14, 2012

Ángel M. Rodríguez, director of the BRI with associate director Clinton Wahlen, taught a seminar in Soteriology in Bulgaria from June 1-6, 2008.  About eighty pastors, administrators, and theology students came from all over Bulgaria to the Studenetz Hut nestled in the beautiful Rodopi Mountains.  Dr. Rodríguez lectured on the atonement and salvation, especially highlighting the implications of Christ’s death from the perspective of the trinity and the great controversy.  Dr. Wahlen dealt with salvation from the perspective of the Old Testament, the teaching of Jesus, and Paul’s Letter to the Romans.  “This has been a wonderful help to us,” remarked a pastor attending the seminar.  The possibility of another visit by BRI scholars in 2009 or 2010 is currently being explored.