Scholars visited Spicer Memorial College in Pune, India; and the Peninsular Malaysia Mission near Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia

News September 5, 2012

In August, Ángel Rodríguez, Kwabena Donkor and Clinton Wahlen visited Spicer Memorial College in Pune, India for discussions related to the establishment of a Biblical Research Committee that would serve the Southern Asia and Southern-Asia Pacific regions. While there, members of BRI spoke to the theology students (which number over 200) and answered their questions. Rodríguez and Wahlen continued on to Malaysia for a theological forum with about 60 attendees, held at the Peninsular Malaysia Mission near Kuala Lumpur. Richard Sabuin, chairperson of the Biblical Studies department at AIIAS in the Philippines also made presentations. The subject was the Sabbath and other issues related to Adventist theology. Wahlen also held a session, summarizing his presentations, for Adventist pastors and professionals at the Penang Adventist Hospital in Penang, Malaysia.