The Power of Choice and Life: A Short Theological Reflection

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Written by Frank Hasel

It has been said that “man has been endowed by God with the greatest and most awesome of freedoms: the freedom of choice.” Indeed, the ability of human beings to make meaningful choices is one of the most significant aspects of what it means to be human. Our freedom to choose is crucial for any theory of ethics, since moral action has to do with choosing what is right. Our ability and privilege to choose grows in the soil of freedom, which is also the seedbed of true love. Divine love never forces us against our will. To be able to choose freely is one of the highest human goods. It is at the foundation of many human rights statements and declarations. One cannot deny human freedom without rejecting what makes us personal beings rather than animals. The priceless freedom to choose gives dignity to our life. At the same time, it makes us responsible for our decisions and the actions that result from them.