Lessons from Matthew 9

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Written by Clinton Wahlen

Matthew 9 concludes the two-chapter sequence of miracle stories. The chapter begins with the healing of the paralytic, but the story is more about forgiveness than healing (Matt 9:1–8). It is followed by the call of Levi (Matt 9:9) and three parables of Jesus illustrating His kingdom-based ministry (Matt 9:12–13, 15, 16–17). These parables were given in response to two questions, the first directed to the disciples and the second directed to Jesus Himself (Matt 9:10–11, 14). Then, in quick succession, Matthew narrates the raising of a ruler’s daughter from the dead and the healing of a woman with a flow of blood (Matt 9:18–26); the giving of sight to two blind men (Matt 9:27–31); and the casting out of a demon from a man unable to speak, which leads to the charge that Jesus casts out demons by the ruler of the demons (Matt 9:32–34). The chapter closes with Jesus preaching to large crowds who are as sheep that have no shepherd, and His instructing the disciples to pray for more labo