Lessons from Matthew 5

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Written by Clinton Wahlen

The Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5–7 is the first of Jesus’ five major discourses recorded by Matthew, each of which unfolds different facets of the kingdom of heaven. The first and last discourses act as bookends, describing the kingdom in its present and future dimensions respectively. The Sermon describes in far-reaching yet practical terms the character and practices of those who belong to the kingdom.

From a comparison of the other two Gospels that record this event, Luke 6:17–49 seems to be a shorter, independent report of the same sermon (cf. Matt 4:24–25; 5:1; Mark 3:7–13). Since Luke has the sayings on prayer (Luke 11:1–13) and worry (Luke 12:22–32) being given at other times, it appears that Jesus spoke many of the same or similar sayings on multiple occasions (see DA 488, 495).