A New Paradise

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Written by Ekkehardt Mueller

There is hardly a human being that does not long for peace, fulfillment, harmony, and happiness or, in other words, for some type of a paradise. The Greek talked about Elysium, the land of the blessed, in which good people would be able to live without worries. Germanic tribes dreamed about Valhalla, a splendid palace, where the warriors would feast on the flesh of boars and drink liquor. They would spent their days with sports, fighting, and hunting. Muslims are looking forward to a garden with abundant food to eat, wine to drink, and noble virgins to serve them. Many have tried or are still trying to create a paradise of their own on this earth. In any case, many yearn for complete satisfaction and perfect bliss. The first two chapters of Scripture talk about a paradise that humanity has lost, the last two chapters about a paradise which we may gain.

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