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by Ekkehardt Mueller
To suggest that Paul was referring to violent or exploitative homosexuality or pederasty only but not to permanent caring one partner same gender relationship because they supposedly were not known at his time, cannot be shown. Paul considered all homosexual relationships as sin.
by Clinton Wahlen
The church’s relation to the issue of homosexuality, including biblical, ethical, biological, and practical aspects are described in light of recent and extensive research.
by Clinton Wahlen
A shift away from biblically-based decisions by Presbyterians provides a warning for Adventists in dealing with issues such as homosexuality.
by Ángel Manuel Rodríguez
This article examines and evaluate the argument that same-sex relationships within a permanent commitment to one partner is theologically acceptable.
by Ekkehardt Mueller
Various types of same sex relations are not new phenomena but are found thousands of years ago. This background information is important when biblical texts are interpreted.
by Ekkehardt Mueller
1 Corinthians 6:9 contains some peculiar words. Does the text refer to homosexual practice as some translations suggest? What would be the implications?
by Frank Hasel
There are available on the market a fair number of books that address the issue of homosexuality from a biblical-Christian perspective. The recent book from Preston Sprinkle stands out from the crowd for several important reasons.