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Index to Reflections
by Clinton Wahlen
As Seventh-day Adventists we need to start with a careful and faithful investigation of the biblical text and from there shed light on how to deal with challenging questions.
by Dan-Adrian Petre
Truly, in the light of God’s law, one discerns a depth of perfection that shatters human perfectionism.
by Clinton Wahlen
Jesus is the perfect pattern of finding joy and contentment in giving of ourselves to help others without expecting anything in return.
by Clinton Wahlen
As He leaves the temple precincts for the Mount of Olives, Jesus predicts the destruction of the temple. So several of the disciples ask about the timing of this event.
by William E. Timm
Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the ability to complete complex tasks in a matter of seconds and makes available democratized and easily accessible knowledge for many people.
by Frank Hasel
There are available on the market a fair number of books that address the issue of homosexuality from a biblical-Christian perspective. The recent book from Preston Sprinkle stands out from the crowd for several important reasons.
by Clinton Wahlen
Jesus concludes His teaching in the temple with a lament over Jerusalem in view of its impending desolation.