BRI Releases

Releases are single academic essays about topics and issues within the Adventist Church. The BRI scholars carefully research subjects such as prophecies, social issues, ethics and biblical interpretation.

Release 1

Interpreting The Beast of Revelation 17: A Suggestion


Release 2

In Christ: Union with Him as Savior and Lord in Paul


Release 3

Israelite Festivals and the Christian Church


Release 4

The Nature of Christ: The Soteriological Question


Release 5

Time Prophecies in Daniel 12


Release 6

Homosexuality, Scripture, and the Church


Release 7

Historical Confirmation of Prophetic Periods


Release 8

The Emerging Church and Adventist Ecclesiology


Release 9

God in 3 Persons – In Theology


Release 10

God in 3 Persons – In The Old Testament


Release 11

God in 3 Persons – In the New Testament


Release 12

Substitutionary Atonement


Release 13

Daniel 11 and the Islam Interpretation


Release 14

When Prophecy Repeats Itself: Recapitulation in Revelation


Release 15

The History of the Seventh-Day Sabbath in India Until the Arrival of Seventh-Day Adventist


Release 16

A Christian Lifestyle: Biblical Foundation and Praxis


Release 17

Living Without an Intercessor in the Writings of Ellen G. White


Release 18

The Biblical Concept of God in Writings of Ellen G. White


Release 19

Salvation and Restoration for Israel: The Interpretation of Conditional Prophecy


Release 20

Abortion: Terminating a Pregnancy


Release 21

The Magisterial Reformers and the Sabbath


Release 22

The Sabbath in Post-Reformation England


Release 23

Eternal Subordination of Jesus: A Theological Analysis and Review