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This conference will provide a foundation for a series of global conferences on the central elements of Adventist identity. Each conference will explore Adventist identity from multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural perspectives.

Answers to Questions on the Mark of the Beast and End Time Events

Questions have come to the Biblical Research Institute regarding the Seventh-day Adventist position on the Mark of the Beast in relation to Sunday observance, the conditionality of prophecy, and pertinent statements by Ellen G. White. The following questions summarize the main concerns that have been brought to our attention, which have been answered briefly.

Respuestas a preguntas sobre la marca de la bestia y los eventos finales

El Instituto de Investigación Bíblica de la Asociación General de la Iglesia Adventista del Séptimo Día ha recibido varias preguntas sobre la posición de los adventistas respecto a la marca de la bestia y su relación con la observancia del domingo como día de adoración, la condicionalidad de la profecía bíblica y las declaraciones sobre estos temas en los escritos de Elena G. de White.

Réponses aux questions sur la marque de la bête et les événements du temps de la fin

Des questions sont venues à l’Institut de recherche biblique concernant la position de l’Eglise adventiste du septième jour sur la marque de la bête par rapport l’observance du dimanche, la conditionnalité de la prophétie, et les déclarations pertinentes par Ellen G. White. Les questions suivantes résument les principales préoccupations qui ont été portées à notre attention, avec nos brèves reponses.

Respostas às preguntas sobre a marca da besta e os eventos finais

O Instituto de Pesquisa Bíblica da Associação Geral da Igreja Adventista do Sétimo Dia recebeu várias perguntas sobre a posição dos adventistas a respeito da marca da besta e sua relação com a observância do domingo, a condicionalidade da profecia bíblica e as declarações sobre esses temas nos escritos de Ellen G. White. As perguntas a seguir resumem as principais preocupações que nos são colocadas, as quais foram respondidas brevemente.

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Latest Publication: Biblical Hermeneutics, An Adventist Approach

Seventh-day Adventists are committed to using Scripture alone as the foundation for our beliefs. Our theology is shaped by the biblical hermeneutics we use. In this volume, twelve Adventist scholar, and theologians explore crucial aspects of biblical interpretation from a Seventh-day Adventist perspective. From their wide-ranging exploration of important aspects of biblical hermeneutics, they draw out key biblical principles for interpreting Scripture. This volume is an essential guide to the understanding of Adventist hermeneutics and a valuable resource for anyone wanting a better understanding of the Bible.
488 pp.
Author: Frank M. Hasel

Eschatology from an Adventist Perspective

“Adventist Eschatology is an exploration and exposition of biblical apocalyptic eschatology. It announces a future characterized by a drastic discontinuity between the present order of things and a future one to be established by the Lord. It proclaims the consummation of the eschatological newness initiated by Christ and therefore it should place its primary emphasis not on what will be terminated, but on the establishment of God’s eternal kingdom on earth and the healing of the cosmos. Adventist eschatology is a biblical vision of a most glorious future for the cosmos and the human race.” —Angel Manuel Rodriguez

Editors: Elias Brasil de Souza, A. Rahel Wells, Laszlio Gallusz, Denis Kaiser

Daniel – God’s Beloved Prophet

This textbook leads the student through the historical and prophetic chapters of the book, explaining the messages God gave Daniel. At the end of each chapter is a list of supplementary reading material and questions for further study and discussion.

Author: Gerhard Pfandl


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