Dominican Adventist University Bible Conference

News September 4, 2012

From May 7-9, 2009, all five scholar of the Biblical Research Institute participated in a Bible Conference at the Dominican Adventist University organized by the Dominican Union Mission. The theme of the conference was the twenty-eighth fundamental belief – Growing in Christ. Five hundred pastors, students, and administrators listened to a variety of topics ranging from “Evil Powers and Occult Practices in the Apocalypse” to “Perfect in Christ.”  The history and procedure of how this new fundamental belief came into existence was explained by Dr. Ángel Rodríguez, Director of the Biblical Research Institute. Other presenters included Drs. Eli Henry, Vice president of the Inter-American Division, Efrain Velasquez, Academic Dean of the Inter-American Division Adventist Theological Seminary, and Jon Paulien, Dean of the School of Theology of Loma Linda University.