Bible Conferences in the Philippines

News August 19, 2013

Gerhard Pfandl, associate director of the Biblical Research Institute (part-time), led a team of scholars from Andrews University and Newbold College, England, who spoke at the North Philippine Union Conference-wide Ministerial Bible Conferences (July 29-August 7, 2013). The three conferences for about 450 ministers were held at the Central Philippine Adventist College on Negros Occidental, the Caliraya Resort Club on Luzon, and at the East Visayan Academy on Cebu. Each lecturer presented 4-5 topics that included “Pastoral Ethics” by Miroslav Kis, the “Trinity” by John Reeve, and “The Challenges of Mission in the 21st Century” by Gordon Doss. All three lecturers came from Andrews University. Radisa Antic from Newbold College  spoke on “The Second Coming” and Gerhard Pfandl’s lectures included the topic “The Sanctuary in Adventism.” The question and answer periods reflected the high interest and participation of the attending ministers. Each conference concluded with a commitment service.