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  1. For Members Only?

    A careful but brief study of what it means to participate in the Lord's Supper and who should partake.

    Author: Frank B. Holbrook

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  2. Existentialism

    What do we mean by Existentialism? Does it contribute to Christian growth or is it a threat to sound biblical understanding?

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  3. What are the Tongues in 1 Corinthians?

    While Paul encourages church members in Corinth to use their spiritual gifts including the gift of tongues, he also tries to correct its abuse.

    Author: Ekkehardt Mueller

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  4. What Prophecy Means to This Church

    Author: Frank B. Holbrook

  5. Primacy of the Gospel Committee- Report

    A final report of a General Conference committee which for four years met with leaders of the 1888 Message Study Committee to review theological issues.

  6. Steeples and the Church

    Response to an argument that steeples represent a pagan intrusion into church architecture.

    Author: George W. Reid

  7. The 144,000 and the Great Multitude

    This article not only discusses the 144,000 and the Great Multitude, but also other terms such as "remmant" and "saints" as they relate to the 144,000.

    Author: Ekkehardt Mueller

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  8. An Affirmation of Creation – Report of the Organizing Committee

    Final report of the organizing committee of the Faith and Science Conferences to the Annual Council (2004).

  9. The Jesus Tomb

    Author: Randall W. Younker

  10. July 2006

    NewsletterNumber 15July 2006 Table of ConTenTs Guidelines for Biblical Research Committees....................... ... church within the division. 2. Evaluate materials of doctrinal and theological content that will be used ... written between A.D. 130 and 170. The content of the copy has not been preserved completely. Lines are ...