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  1. (#62)BN1.pdf

    Prophecy Another crucial point of contention is Ellen G. White. Gladson spends four chap- ters dealing with application/pdf attached to:(#62)BN1

  2. Expository Sermon Preparation

    Author: Jud Lake

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  3. Is the Bible Our Final Authority?

    How do we deal with the question of Bible discrepancies and the balance between divine message and human writer?

    Author: George W. Reid

  4. October 2013

    2013 ReflectionsReflections Table of ConTenTs A New Trend in Adventist Eschatology: A Critical Analysis ... the satanic trinity, not only in their structure but also in content. Nevertheless, these let- ters ... “one week.” The content of the passage itself, isolated from the background context of Daniel 8, is ...
  5. O Uso de Cerveja d Vinho: Os Conselhos da Bíblia

    Estudo de passagens bíblicas que lidam com o uso do álcool.

    Author: William H. Shea

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  6. Divine Rest and the Environmental Imperative

    L. Steed explores the relationship between Sabbath keeping,  the environment, and eschatology in light of  three recent papal encyclicals: Dies Domini (1998), Caritas in Veritate (2009), and Laudato Si (2015).

    Author: Lincoln E. Steed

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  7. Digital Technology and the Christian Life

    This essay offers some thoughts on digital technology and argues that we should bring our digital life under the Lordship of Jesus. It deals with the philosophy, theology, and ethics of digital technology. It concludes with an injunction for us to be masters of our technology, never the servants. Such appeal is base on the old bu always up-to-date principle: “So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God” (1 Cor 10:31).

    Author: Elias Brasil de Souza

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  8. The Church and Worship

    Author: C. Raymond Holmes

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  9. The ABCs of Dr. Desmond Ford's Theology

    After 20 years, occasional questions still arise about the content of Desmond Ford's document expressing his positions. This response offers a condensed version with evaluation.

    Author: W. H. Johns

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  10. January 2008

    NewsletterNumber 21 January 2008 Table of ConTenTs Ellen White’s Writings and Her Ministry...................... ... conclusion “that the condition for admission to God’s presence is simply the content of the Decalogue–with an ... became clear that the essential content of the Sabbath had to be reinterpreted in terms of the Lord’s ...