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Biblical Research Institute

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  1. April 2012

    Year:  2 012 Language English Newsletter:  BRI newsltr 4-12 (#38).pdf ...
  2. October 2012

    documents, and most likely not regarding them as additions to Scripture, Jewish leaders actually added their ...
  3. January 2014

    “Unconventional sexual practices are not well documented in ancient Egypt.”2 But there are some. Pharaoh Pepi II ...
  4. April 2014

    Year:  2 014 Language English Newsletter:  BRI newsltr 4-14 (#46).pdf ...
  5. Jesus and His Second Coming in the Apocalypse

    Christ's second coming is one of the topics that permeates the Book of Revelation, whether in literal or symoblic descriptions, strengthening the hope of God's people.

    Author: Ekkehardt Mueller

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  6. January 2015

    this document is limited to providing some guidance regarding sex-change surgery. We acknowledge that ...
  7. July 2016

    Year:  2 016 Language English Newsletter:  Reflections #55 (7-16).pdf ...
  8. January 2017

    Year:  2 017 Language English Newsletter:  Reflections #57 (1-17).pdf ...
  9. (#59)1.pdf

    Indeed, a special excommunication hit the rad- ical liberation theologians (1979, Puebla Document)95 with application/pdf attached to:(#59)1

  10. A Symposium on Biblical Hermeneutics

    We are please to share with you a volume prepared by the Biblical Research Institute dealing with revelation, inspiration and biblical interpretation. It is a collection of essays written by different Adventist thinkers and theologians. Although it was published in 1974, the content of this volume is still valuable to the church and particularly to pastors and Bible teachers. We will encourage the readers to use it in conjunction with the more recent volume, also published by BRI, Understanding Scripture: An Adventist Approach, edited by George W. Reid. We pray that the reprint of this volume will contribute to building the church.

    Author: Gordon M. Hyde

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