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  1. Tithing in the Writings of Ellen G. White

    Although Adventist practices are grounded in the Bible, Ellen White discussed the matter of tithing numerous times and in helpful ways. This carefully-researched article addresses how she dealt with important questions such as What is the Tithe? How is to be calculated? For what purposes is it to be used? and What is the true basis for tithing?

    Author: Ángel Manuel Rodríguez

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  2. The Theology of Divine Judgment in the Bible

    A review of the biblical doctrine of judgment.

    Author: Gerhard F. Hasel

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  3. Some Thoughts on Original Sin

    What do we mean by original sin, and is it taught in the Bible rather than based in Catholic theology alone?

    Author: Gerhard Pfandl

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  4. April 2016

    Year:  2 016 Idioma Inglés Newsletter:  Reflections #54 (4-16).pdf ...
  5. Prophetic Basis of Adventism

    Explores several prophetic themes relevant to the second advent of Christ.

    Author: Hans K. La Rondelle

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  6. The History and Use of the Tithe

  7. A Reply to "What do the Scriptures say about the Sabbath?"

    A careful review and reply to the arguments on which the worldwide Church of God based its abandonment of the Seventh-day Sabbath.

    Author: Frank B. Holbrook

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  8. The Sabbath and the Magisterial Reformers

    This article examines the understanding of the Sabbath of the magisterial Reformers (Luther, Calvin, and Zwingli) in order to clarify their arguments and reveal theological trends. The topic is developed in chronological order.

    Author: P. Gerard Damsteegt

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  9. Existencialismo

    O que significa Existencialismo? Ele contribui para o crescimento cristão ou é uma ameaça para uma adequada compreensão bíblica?

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  10. Light in the Shadows

    A review of the doctrine of the sanctuary with special attention to how the sanctuary relates to Christ and to salvation.

    Author: Frank B. Holbrook

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