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  1. (#57)1.pdf

    (#57)1.pdf Reflections 57, January 2017 adventistbiblicalresearch.org1 What Christians Should Do ... our ultimate leader! Reflections 57, January 2017 adventistbiblicalresearch.org2 person voting in the ... can be accessed at Will God find it difficult being God if either is application/pdf attached to:(#57)1

  2. October 2014

    2014 October 2014 Reflections – The BRI Newsletter Page 3 ... 3 seen the resurrected Christ had already “fallen asleep” (1 Cor 15:6). He also refers to those who ... 5 death is presented in Scripture “as a return to the ele- ments from which man originally was ...
  3. October 2016

    Reflections 56, October 2016 adventistbiblicalresearch.org1 A New Associate Director Joins BRI Frank Hasel has ... adventistbiblicalresearch.org2 The Sabbath Commandment in Deuteronomy 5:12–151 By Ekkehardt Mueller The Sabbath commandment in ... Reflections 56, October 2016 adventistbiblicalresearch.org3 25; 31:15).”5 Deuteronomy 5:12 adds a phrase that ...
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    (#62)2.pdf Reflections 62, April 2018 adventistbiblicalresearch.org6 The following article was ... 2018 adventistbiblicalresearch.org7 new view was vigorously opposed by the church, but eventually ... adventistbiblicalresearch.org8 1895) was awarded a prize by the French Academy of Science for his famous experiment in which he application/pdf attached to:(#62)2

  5. April 2018

    April 2018 adventistbiblicalresearch.org1 Conversion, the Gift of the Holy Spirit, and New Testament ... Reflections..................................................................16 By Clinton Wahlen Reflections 62, April 2018 adventistbiblicalresearch.org2 3:5). Soon after being ... exceptional nature of this situation Reflections 62, April 2018 adventistbiblicalresearch.org3 with the words ...
  6. The Biblical Research Institute Ethics Committee and the Question of Surrogate Motherhood

    Surrogate motherhood is a challenging ethical issue and must be careful considered by women who think about becoming birth mothers as well as by couples who attempt to have children by using such an approach.

    Author: Ekkehardt Mueller

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  7. January 2017

    Reflections 57, January 2017 adventistbiblicalresearch.org1 What Christians Should Do Before and After Casting ... January 2017 adventistbiblicalresearch.org2 Those who have had moments of great concern for our nation ... 2017 adventistbiblicalresearch.org3 1 Ellen G. White, Selected Messages, vol. 2 (Washington, DC: Review ...
  8. A Comissão de Ética do Instituto Bíblico de Pesquisa e a Questão da Maternidade Substituta

    A maternidade substitutiva é uma questão ética desafiadora e deve ser cuidadosamente considerada pelas mulheres que pensam em se tornarem mães biológicas, bem como por casais que tentam ter filhos usando esse método.

    Author: Ekkehardt Mueller

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  9. 4Conf_Rome_ProgramBook_for_site (5-30-18).pdf

    Attached File:  4Conf_Rome_ProgramBook_for_site (5-30-18).pdf application/pdf attached to:Program Book

  10. BRI Ethics Committee Releases Statements on Transgenderism

    The BRI Ethics Committee has developed two opinions about issues related to transgender. One discusses sex-change surgery, the other one marriage of people who have undergone such a procedure. Suggestions are provided as to how to deal with these issues.

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