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  1. July 2012

    5:12).The fifth song is presented by the entire creation and is directed toward God the Father and the ... of the Lamb. Finally, the entire creation participates. All beings in all spheres of creation glorify ... understand God’s self-sufficiency and love, his creation and salva- tion.10 3. True Worship Maintains the ...
  2. The Spirit and the Church

    Author: Ron Springett

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  3. The Sabbath: God's Anti-Stress Program

    Author: Ekkehardt Mueller

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  4. Don't Do What We've Done

    A shift away from biblically-based decisions by Presbyterians provides a warning for Adventists in dealing with issues such as homosexuality.

    Author: Clinton Wahlen

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  5. The Unity of the Bible

    Discussion on the theological significance of the unity of the Bible.

    Author: Gerhard F. Hasel

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  6. What Human Nature Did Jesus Take? Unfallen

    A review of the argument that Jesus in the Incarnation took the nature of unfallen Adam.

    Author: Benjamin Rand

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  7. Petrification of Wood: How Long Does It Take?

    Author: L. James Gibson

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  8. Reflecting His Glory

    Author: Ángel Manuel Rodríguez - Retired

  9. January 2004

    people and their world views. This has not only led to the creation of new and indepen- dent nations, but ... historical-critical method which is still the dominant method used today to interpret Scripture. In the document ... change the church’s doctrine of creation. However, there is no at- tempt on the part of church leaders to ...
  10. Roman Catholicism Continuity and Change

    This article provides an insightful overview of the Roman Catholic Church and some of its cardinal teachings. It shows where it has changed or remained unchanged over the centuries.

    Author: Hans Heinz

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