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  1. Response to an Affirmation of Creation

    The Annual Council (2004) response to the report of the organizing committee of the Faith and Science Conferences. It is a re-affirmation of the Adventist doctrine of creation.

  2. An Affirmation of Creation – Report of the Organizing Committee

    Final report of the organizing committee of the Faith and Science Conferences to the Annual Council (2004).

  3. Affirmation of Creation

    Author: L. James Gibson

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  4. An Orphan in the Cosmos? An Adventist Reflection on the Creation-Evolution Debate

    This lecture was the keynote address at the North American Division Faith and Science Conference, 2003. It is a theological reflection from an Adventist perspective on the interaction of faith and science; its benefits and dangers.

    Author: Ángel Manuel Rodríguez

  5. Creation Debate in the Seventh-day Adventist Church

    Author: Gerhard Pfandl

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  6. The Creation

    Author: Ekkehardt Mueller

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  7. Creation in the New Testament

    When we discuss creation we normally turn to Gen 1 & 2. This article shows that the New Testament contributes a lot to the creation debate and contains fresh insights that supplement the Old Testament understanding of this doctrine.

    Author: Ekkehardt Mueller

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  8. Third International Bible Conference Breaks New Ground

    facing the Adventist church: recent challenges to the biblical account of creation, to Scripture’s ... affirmation of marriage between a man and a woman and its condemnation of a homosexual lifestyle, and to the ... conference, contains seven affirmations and four denials in connection with Biblical Anthropology, and sets ...
  9. Creation and the Spirit of God

    Author: Ángel Manuel Rodríguez

  10. Worthwhile Reading on the Creation-Evolution Debate


    A number of helpful books on creation, from both Adventist and non-Adventist authors, are summarized and reviewed, including the updated edition of Harold Coffin’s Origin by Design, Faith, Reason and Earth History by Leonard Brand, and Creation, Catastrophe and Calvary, edited by John Templeton Baldwin.

    Author: Jim Standish/Clinton Wahlen

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