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  1. The Spirit and the Church

    Author: Ron Springett

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  2. April 2008

    personal challenges, but who nevertheless are searching for God. Gender identification is usually quite ... individual lives and struggles with the psychological condition the rest of his/her life. Hence, the surgery ... from the enslaving power of sin and its effects in our lives, we feel that the church should not ...
  3. Third International Bible Conference Tour Book

  4. God in 3 Persons—in the New Testament

    Author: Paul Petersen

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  5. Counsel Regarding the Question of the 144,000

    A collection of Ellen G. White statements relating to the 144,000.

    Author: Ellen G. White Estate

  6. April 2011

    hits. In fact, changing the search format to find any paragraph containing these two words, even if not ... adjacent to each other, still produces zero results. Using Boolean search tools to look for all word forms ... have been living in the time of the investigative judgment referred to also in Revelation 14:7.2 During ...
  7. Hermeneutics and Scripture in the Twenty-First Century

     The “Methods of Bible Study” document voted by the 1986 Annual Council, which affirms Scripture’s divine inspiration and authority, as well as how to study the Bible, is explained and contrasted with more recent critical approaches to biblical interpretation. The role of culture is also addressed.

    Author: Clinton Wahlen

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  8. Essential Worship

    Author: Ángel Manuel Rodríguez

  9. Existentialism

    What do we mean by Existentialism? Does it contribute to Christian growth or is it a threat to sound biblical understanding?

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  10. October 2009

    most clearly in Colossians. John 1:1-4 portrays Jesus as the Word, as God, as the Creator, and as Life. ... Creation is expressed in several ways: (1) the Word existed already “in the beginning,” a reminder of Gen ... creative Word of God; (3) John tells us explicitly that all things came into existence through Him. Heb ...