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  1. Stewardship of Gifts and Talents

    Author: Ekkehardt Mueller

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  2. Does Marriage Still Matter?

    Author: Richard M. Davidson

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  3. Worthwhile Reading on the Creation-Evolution Debate


    A number of helpful books on creation, from both Adventist and non-Adventist authors, are summarized and reviewed, including the updated edition of Harold Coffin’s Origin by Design, Faith, Reason and Earth History by Leonard Brand, and Creation, Catastrophe and Calvary, edited by John Templeton Baldwin.

    Author: Jim Standish/Clinton Wahlen

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  4. (#60)BN.pdf

    until Gregory the Great (who was pope from 590 to 604), when the practice of saying masses for the dead application/pdf attached to:(#60)BN

  5. Thinking Biblically and the Pastoral Ministry

    Author: Fernando Canale

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  6. Proibições à Prática Homossexual em Levítico 18 e 20

    Este estudo mostra que as leis contra a atividade homossexual em Levítico 18:22 e 20:13 aparecem em contextos que consistem exclusivamente em leis morais que orientam o povo de Deus em uma vida moralmente pura e santa, o que indica que essas leis são permanentes.

    Author: Roy E. Gane

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  7. Primacy of the Gospel Committee- Report

    A final report of a General Conference committee which for four years met with leaders of the 1888 Message Study Committee to review theological issues.

  8. Ecological Zonation: Theory, Problems, and Perspectives

    Author: Elaine Kennedy

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  9. “Deus Caritas Est”: Pope Benedict XVI’s Encyclical Letter

    What does it mean to say that God is love? The article provides a critical review of Pope Benedict's Encyclical, Deus Caritas Est, with particular reference to its implications for Church-State relations.

    Author: Kwabena Donkor

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  10. The Gift of Prophecy

    Author: Ekkehardt Mueller

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