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  1. O “textus receptus” e as traduções modernas da Bíblia

    Avaliação do Textus Receptus como texto grego base para traduções da Bíblia. Uma contribuição para o depate sobre a exclusividade da versão King James de uma perspectiva Adventista.

    Author: Johannes Kovar

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  2. Priesthood of Believers

    Author: Rex Edwards

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  3. The Power of Culture

    Author: Ekkehardt Mueller

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  4. October 2013

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  5. Does Marriage Still Matter?

    Author: Richard M. Davidson

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  6. Some Wrong and Right Reasons in the Women's Ordination Debate

    In the debate whether or not women can or should be ordained, a number of reasons pro and con are weak reasons. Others are reasons of a secondary nature only.

    Author: Ekkehardt Mueller

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  7. July 2013 ReflectionsReflections change for the sake of change is not the best possible reason. Church ... ( Weekly Sabbath or Lunar Sabbath: Are Adventists Keeping the Wrong Sabbath? By GErhard Pfandl Jews, ... at: ...
  8. July 2009

    Website:; phone: 301.680.6790  fax: 301.680.6788 E-mail: ... habitationandSDA.htm. 17See discussion in Davidson, Flame of Yahweh, 213-295. 18The Hebrew ... ( and its official statement on homosexuality, affirming the Biblical position that “sexual acts ...
  9. October 2008

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  10. January 2010 ReflectionsReflections January 2010 Reflections – The BRI Newsletter Page 3 Western culture tends ... 2009; cited November 16, 2009; online: http://; John H. Adams, The ... pcnews/2009/09339.htm. 2Ellen G. White, The Acts of the Apostles, 504. 3The 1977 and 1999 ...