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  1. The Role of God’s Moral Law, Including Sabbath, in the “New Covenant”

    A discussion and analysis of the Biblical material related to the old and new covenants and the role of God's law in both covenants.

    Author: Roy E. Gane

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  2. Statements on Faith and Science from the Divisions

    Author: Ángel Manuel Rodríguez

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  3. Husband of One Wife--1 Tim 3:2

    How should the phrase "husband of one wife" be understood? Eight different suggestions are listed.

    Author: Ekkehardt Mueller

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  4. Biblical Research Institute Committee

    More th a n 30 members of the Biblic a l Rese a rch Committee met in the F a culty Re a ding Room ...
  5. Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division Biblical Research Institute Committee

    The Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division Biblical Research Institute Committee met on Oc to ber ...
  6. Euro-Africa Division's Biblical Research Committee

    The Biblical Research Committee of the Euro-Africa Division had its second meeting this year at ...
  7. What Christians Should Do Before and After Casting Their Ballot – Biblical Perspectives

    As Christians we should not only pray for the leaders of our country, but also vote for them in accordance with biblical principles.

    Author: Chad Stuart

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  8. What is in Your Heart?: Lessons from a Biblical Character


    After the Babylonian exile Ezra led a group of Israelites back to Judah. Several lessons can be learnt from the life of Ezra that are important for our life as Christians today.

    Author: Ekkehardt Mueller

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  9. July 2012

    a uniting and harmonizing role. An understanding of worship from a biblical and theological perspective can ... to worship God? This is precisely what is described in Revelation 5:14. II. Theological Insights ... These hymns together with their context furnish a number of interesting theological details on worship. ...
  10. January 2010

    Southern universities, The Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, the General Conference’s Biblical ... of a loving same-sex relationship in Christ, they attempt to transfer the biblical theology of hu- ... homoeroticism. Allow me two comments. First, the transfer of the sanctity of the biblical marriage to same-sex ...