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Dose Leviticus 26 Contain a Time Prophecy of 2,520 Years?

An examination of Leviticus 26:18 in its context shows that it is not a prophecy but conditional statements of blessing and cursing depending on Israel’s response to God. Statements made by James and Ellen White support this interpretation.

Clinton Wahlen

Ecological Zonation: Theory, Problems, and Perspectives

The Ecological-zonation theory of H. W. Clarke is explained, and its positive and negative aspects are discussed.

Elaine Kennedy

Ecumenism and the Adventist Church

An historical overview of ecumenism followed by some reflections on how should SDAs be involved in inter-church relations. It stresses the fact that although Seventh-day Adventist Church have refused to become a member of the World Council of Churches, Adventists are not opposed to Jesus’ prayer for unity. As referred to by Jesus, unity must be based on the truth.

John Graz

Eden and the Israelite Sanctuary

This article examine terminological and theological connections between the narrative of the garden of Eden in Genesis 2-3 and the theology of the sanctuary. It summarizes and develops scholarly studies on this topic from and Adventist perspective.


Ángel Manuel Rodríguez

Ellen G. White and Earth Science

Earth Science – What is the relationship between science and Scripture according to Ellen White? How can we understand her 6000-year statements?

Gerhard Pfandl

Ellen G. White and Sola Scriptura

Discussion of the relation between the writings of Ellen G. White and the Protestant principle Sola Scriptura.

Merlin D. Burt

Ellen G. White and the Interpretation of Daniel and Revelation

Does the Spirit of Prophecy support a day-for-a-day futurist application of the apocalyptic prophecies?

Biblical Research Institute

Ellen G. White's Role in Biblical Interpretation: A Survey of Early Seventh-day Adventist Perceptions

This article surveys the history of Adventist views on the role of Ellen White's writings in biblical interpretation. It focuses specificaly on the role and authority Adventists ascribed to her in the interpretation of the Bible.

Denis Kaiser

Ellen G. White’s Ministry in the Seventh-day Adventist Church

Discussion on the Adventist interpretation of the relationship between Ellen G. White and the Bible.

Denis Fortin

Ellen White as a Theologian

While not a trained theologian Ellen White's inspired writings have contributed significantly to Adventist theology.

Gerhard Pfandl