Materials: Documents

Display and Adornment

Discussion on the biblical teachings on jewelry.

Divine Rest and the Environmental Imperative

L. Steed explores the relationship between Sabbath keeping,  the environment, and eschatology in light of  three recent papal encyclicals: Dies Domini (1998), Caritas in Veritate (2009), and Laudato Si (2015).

Lincoln E. Steed

Does God Destroy?*

Answers the claim that sin self-destructs without God's intervention.

Frank B. Holbrook

Does God Get Angry?

How does this relate to God's character?

Tim Crosby

Does Marriage Still Matter?

An evaluation of cohabitation in the light of what Scripture has to say about marriage.

Richard M. Davidson

Don't Do What We've Done

A shift away from biblically-based decisions by Presbyterians provides a warning for Adventists in dealing with issues such as homosexuality.

Clinton Wahlen

Dose Leviticus 26 Contain a Time Prophecy of 2,520 Years?

An examination of Leviticus 26:18 in its context shows that it is not a prophecy but conditional statements of blessing and cursing depending on Israel’s response to God. Statements made by James and Ellen White support this interpretation.

Clinton Wahlen

Ecological Zonation: Theory, Problems, and Perspectives

The Ecological-zonation theory of H. W. Clarke is explained, and its positive and negative aspects are discussed.

Elaine Kennedy

Ecumenism and the Adventist Church

An historical overview of ecumenism followed by some reflections on how should SDAs be involved in inter-church relations. It stresses the fact that although Seventh-day Adventist Church have refused to become a member of the World Council of Churches, Adventists are not opposed to Jesus’ prayer for unity. As referred to by Jesus, unity must be based on the truth.

John Graz