Materials: Documents

What Human Nature Did Jesus Take? Unfallen

A review of the argument that Jesus in the Incarnation took the nature of unfallen Adam.

Benjamin Rand

What Prophecy Means to This Church

Why the historicist approach is important for Adventists.

Frank B. Holbrook

What the Biblical Text Meant and What It Means

Although we have to distinguish between the situation of the original hearers of the biblical message and the situation of the present listeners to the same message, the question is if the message is basically still the same or if it has to be adapted to the modern culture.

Ekkehardt Mueller

When Did the Seventy Weeks of Daniel 9:24 Begin?

Why the 70 weeks prophetic period began in 457 B.C.?

William H. Shea

When Does the Sabbath Begin?

Sunset, midnight, morning? A brief visit with the principal texts dealing with this question and a notation about Jewish practice in NT times.

Biblical Research Committee

Which Version Can We Trust?[1]

Reviews the history of how the Bible was preserved, concluding with observations on modern English versions.

Arthur Ferch

Why Did Jesus Die? How God Saves Us

Was His death necessary or an adjunct feature in His ministry?

George W. Reid

Worship and Ethics: A Reflection on Psalm 15

A short study on the inextricable relation between worship and conduct in Psalm 15. From this short Psalm we learn that those who genuinely experience God's presence in the place of worship will mirror God in other places.

Elias Brasil de Souza

Worship: The Center of the Three Angel's Messages — Part 1

The call to worship God is an important element of the first angel's message. The author of this article focuses on the theological relationships among creation, worship, and judgment.

Kwabena Donkor

Worship: The Center of the Three Angels' Messages — Part 2

This article focuses on God and the rightfulness of His demand for worship as well as the fairness of His judgment on those who engage in false worship.

Kwabena Donkor