Materials: Documents

Adventists and Homosexuality: The Central Issue in the Debate

This article examines and evaluate the argument that same-sex relationships within a permanent commitment to one partner is theologically acceptable.

Ángel Manuel Rodríguez

Affirmation of Creation

A statement from the Geoscience Research Institute, based at Loma Linda University, affirming evidence of intentional design in nature and the Bible's account of creation in six days.

L. James Gibson

An Affirmation of Creation – Report of the Organizing Committee

Final report of the organizing committee of the Faith and Science Conferences to the Annual Council (2004).

An Orphan in the Cosmos? An Adventist Reflection on the Creation-Evolution Debate

This lecture was the keynote address at the North American Division Faith and Science Conference, 2003. It is a theological reflection from an Adventist perspective on the interaction of faith and science; its benefits and dangers.

Ángel Manuel Rodríguez

Analysis of the Doctrine of Universal "Legal" Justification

Was every human 'legally' justified when Jesus died at Calvary?

Larry J. Kane

Another Look at Adventist Hermeneutics

A short review of the standard Adventist approach to biblical interpretation.

George W. Reid

Appeal to Those in the Reform Movement or Those Considering Such Membership

A call to those involved in the Reform Movement

Helmut Kramer

Assisted Human Reproduction—Considerations

What harmonizes or conflicts with the biblical teaching?

Assurance of Salvation

Ekkehardt Mueller