Bible Studies

The Bible studies prepared in this section can be used by pastors and church members when meeting with baptismal candidates or people who have indicated interest in studying Scripture. They contain the major ideas only and can be fleshed out by those who want to use them. It is recommended to hand out a copy to the person receiving the Bible study.

It is also helpful to present Bible studies in a systematic sequence. Below you will find an attempt to group the themes of these Bible studies. Such a sequence may work for many people but not for all. It can be adjusted to  needs and questions people have. Yet a certain sequence may be useful in helping people make decisions for God/Jesus and the biblical message.

Jesus and the Bible

The Reliability of Scripture

Messianic Prophecies

The Plan of Salvation (Great Controversy)

The Problem of Sin

The Love of God and Human Suffering

Assurance of Salvation

Principles of Spiritual Growth

Death and Future

Death—the Last Enemy

Immortality and the Soul

In Quest of Meaning

God and Hell

Christ's Second Coming

Signs of the Times

The Last Message for this World

The Resurrection

The Final Judgment (Rev 20)

A New Paradise

Life with Jesus

Prayer—Hotline to God

Jesus and His Church

Attending Church


The Lord's Supper—A Commemoration


Owner and Steward

God the Father and the Trinity

The Divinity of Jesus

The Holy Spirit


Stewardship of Time

The Law and the Gospel

The Sabbath

Sunday or Sabbath

Sabbath Observance

Stewardship of the Body

Scripture and Food

Alcohol, Tobbaco, and Drugs

The Gift of Sexuality

Christian Lifestyle and Appearance

Stewardship of Money

  Does the Bible ask Us to Return Tithe From the Gifts We Receive?

Stewardhip of Gifts and Talents

         The Gift of Prophecy

  The End-Time Remnant and the Gift of Prophecy

Studies in Daniel

Lessons from Daniel I

Lessons from Daniel 2

Lessons from Daniel 3

Lessons from Daniel 4

Lessons from Daniel 5

Lessons from Daniel 6

Lessons from Daniel 7

Lessons from Daniel 8

Lessons from Daniel 9

Lessons from Daniel 10

Lessons from Daniel 11–12

Studies in Matthew

Lessons from Matthew 1

Lessons from Matthew 2

Lessons from Matthew 3

Lessons from Matthew 4

Lessons from Matthew 5

Lessons from Matthew 6