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  1. 2 Corinthians 3:6

    Autor: Ángel Manuel Rodríguez

  2. Seventh-day Adventist Polity: Its Historical Development

    Autor: Andrew G. Mustard

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  3. Important Decisions Reached in Atlanta

    Details key decisions made at the 2010 GC Session, including an emphasis on revival and reformation, the ordination of deaconesses, clarifying the definition of marriage, and an affirmation of the biblical account of creation.

    Autor: Clinton Wahlen

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  4. Worship: The Center of the Three Angels' Messages — Part 2

    This article focuses on God and the rightfulness of His demand for worship as well as the fairness of His judgment on those who engage in false worship.

    Autor: Kwabena Donkor

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  5. Ordination of Women

    Autor: Ángel Manuel Rodríguez

  6. The Pastor and Theology

    Should pastors be theologians? The pastor may not bear the technical title of ‘theologian,’ but this essay explores the close connection between pastoral ministry and the ‘theological task.’ The ministerial duties of missionary work, building Christian experience, persuading people about the gospel, and preaching involve the pastor inextricably with doing theology.

    Autor: Ángel Manuel Rodríguez

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  7. Third International Bible Conference Program Book

  8. The Law and the Gospel

    Analysis of the Adventist understanding of the role of the law in the life of the believer and the gospel of salvation by faith.

    Autor: Ekkehardt Mueller

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  9. Apelo Para Aqueles Que Estão No Movimento Da Reforma Ou Àqueles Que Estão Pensando Em Ser Membros

    Um chamado àqueles que estão envolvidos no Movimento da Reforma

    Autor: Helmut Kramer

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  10. The blessed hope tour.pdf

    The blessed hope tour.pdf   The  Blessed  Hope:  From  the  Early  Church  to  the  Time  of  the ...  by  Gospel  Travel,  a   family  of  Seventh-­‐day  Adventists  who  see  as   their  ministry   to ...  (Sat):  Ostia  Antica       This  morning  we   shall  worship   together.   There   is   need   for application/pdf attached to:The Blessed Hope Tour