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  1. Ordinance of Marriage

    Autor: Miroslav M. Kiš

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  2. Ellen G. White and the Interpretation of Daniel and Revelation

    Autor: Biblical Research Institute

  3. Was Ellen G. White a Plagiarist?

    Interview from 1981 with a leading copyright authority. Mr. Ramik describes himself as a Roman Catholic, but not seriously religious.

    Autor: Vincent L. Ramik

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  4. On Esteeming One Day Better Than Another

    A focused study of Romans 14:5 & 6

    Autor: Raoul Dederen

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  5. Does Marriage Still Matter?

    Autor: Richard M. Davidson

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  6. Recapitulation in Revelation 4-11

    How shall we interpret the repetition of prophetic sequences in Revelation?

    Autor: Ekkehardt Mueller

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  7. Contemporary Responses to Sola Scriptura: Implications for Adventist Theology


    Sola scriptura was the Protestant Reformers' battle cry. Today, both positively and negatively, Protestant theologians respond differently to the original formulation of Reformers' principle, depending on the view they take on the Bible. This article explores the reasons behind the different contemporary responses to the sola scripture principle, and the implications for theology today.

    Autor: Kwabena Donkor

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  8. Eden and the Israelite Sanctuary

    This article examine terminological and theological connections between the narrative of the garden of Eden in Genesis 2-3 and the theology of the sanctuary. It summarizes and develops scholarly studies on this topic from and Adventist perspective.


    Autor: Ángel Manuel Rodríguez

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  9. Of Covenants, Causes and Clarity

    Is the law of God relevant to the New Covenant? How similar or dissimilar are the Old and New Covenants? Using Aristotle's four causes as an analytical tool, this articles explores the foregoing questions, and seeks to bring clarity to a few other issues related to the Old and New Covenants.

    Autor: Kwabena Donkor

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  10. Os 1.290 E 1.335 Dias de Daniel

    Um estudo da posição dos pioneiros e de Ellen G. White sobre o cumprimento dos 1.290 e 1.335 dias proféticos de Daniel 12.

    Autor: Alberto R. Timm

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