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  1. Holy Spirit and Fanaticism

  2. Métodos de estudio de la Biblia

    Este documento fue votado por el Concilio Anual en Río de Janeiro, Brasil

    Autor: General conference Committee Annual Council

  3. (#57)SA.pdf

    fascinating biblical revelations. A number of persons appear, although it is not completely clear how many. In ... children, we also need to love him. A formal religion, a mere adherence to biblical beliefs, and even application/pdf attached to:(#57)SA

  4. Beer and Wine: The Bible's Counsel

    Autor: William H. Shea

  5. Lições de Daniel 10

    Autor: Ekkehardt Mueller

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  6. How General Conference Investments Are Handled*

    How the reserve funds that must be kept by the General Conference are managed.

    Autor: Don Gilbert

  7. (#56)SA.pdf

    contains one of the most fascinating biblical prophe- cies. II. Discussion of the Chapter 1. Prologue v. application/pdf attached to:(#56)SA

  8. The E. G. White Counsel on Versions of the Bible

    Did Ellen White use Bible translations other than the King James Version? This brief report by Arthur L. White, her grandson, answers the question.

    Autor: Arthur L. White

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  9. O “textus receptus” e as traduções modernas da Bíblia

    Avaliação do Textus Receptus como texto grego base para traduções da Bíblia. Uma contribuição para o depate sobre a exclusividade da versão King James de uma perspectiva Adventista.

    Autor: Johannes Kovar

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  10. The Ark of the Covenant – Will it be Found?

    Autor: R. L. Odom