1. Worship, Ministry, and the Authority of the Church

    Worship, Ministry, and the Authority of the Church

    Worship, ministry, and authority are three important areas of the nature and life of the church. In this book, theologians from around the world—who love the church, its message, and its unity—offer a biblical understanding of these topics. They reveal the beauty of Adventist ecclesiology, which includes the mission Christ entrusted to the Adventist Church. This book will be of great benefit to pastors and church members who are interested in gaining a better understanding of the church they love so much.

    Editor: Ángel Manuel Rodríguez

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  3. Ellen G. White’s Ministry in the Seventh-day Adventist Church

    Autor: Denis Fortin

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  4. The Church: Authority and Unity

    A careful look at the nature of the church from a biblical viewpoint.

    Autor: Raoul Dederen

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  5. The Church and Worship

    Autor: C. Raymond Holmes

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  6. Thinking Biblically and the Pastoral Ministry

    Autor: Fernando Canale

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  7. Is the Bible Our Final Authority?

    How do we deal with the question of Bible discrepancies and the balance between divine message and human writer?

    Autor: George W. Reid

  8. Toward an Adventist Theology of Worship

    The impact of cultural influences has raised to high pitch the question of how Christians should worship. This article provides a foundational review of how worship appears in the Bible, with implications on how we should see it today.

    Autor: George W. Reid

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  9. An Act of Worship

    Autor: Ángel Manuel Rodríguez

  10. Sabbath Observance—Guidelines

    The text of a report by a special study group assigned to recommend guidelines on how to keep the Sabbath.