1. Ellen G. White and Earth Science

    Earth Science – What is the relationship between science and Scripture according to Ellen White? How can we understand her 6000-year statements?

    Autor: Gerhard Pfandl

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  2. No Middle Ground: Why Theistic Evolution and Biblical Creation are Mutually Exclusive (With Some Implications for Eschatology)

    Because of the irreconcilable contradictions between theistic evolution and Scripture, it seems clear that there is no middle ground between theistic evolution and biblical creation. As in Joshua’s day (Josh 24:15), we are urged to choose whom we will serve.

    Autor: Greg A. King

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  3. Scientific Revolutions

    Among the results of the various scientific revolutions is the realization that science is not a straight pathway to total reality and truth, but involves numerous tentative conclusions, reversals of opinion, and inherent uncertainty.

    Autor: L. James Gibson

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  4. Creation in the New Testament

    When we discuss creation we normally turn to Gen 1 & 2. This article shows that the New Testament contributes a lot to the creation debate and contains fresh insights that supplement the Old Testament understanding of this doctrine.

    Autor: Ekkehardt Mueller

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  5. An Orphan in the Cosmos? An Adventist Reflection on the Creation-Evolution Debate

    This lecture was the keynote address at the North American Division Faith and Science Conference, 2003. It is a theological reflection from an Adventist perspective on the interaction of faith and science; its benefits and dangers.

    Autor: Ángel Manuel Rodríguez

  6. Evidences of a Recent Creation

    Autor: Harold G. Coffin

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  7. A Biblical Perspective on the Philosophy of Science

    Autor: Leonard R. Brand

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  8. Darwinian Apologetics: Big Questions, Inadequate Answers

    Autor: Timothy G. Standish

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  9. Ecological Zonation: Theory, Problems, and Perspectives

    Autor: Elaine Kennedy

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  10. An Affirmation of Creation – Report of the Organizing Committee

    Final report of the organizing committee of the Faith and Science Conferences to the Annual Council (2004).