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  1. Why did God create Lucifer?

    Author: Ángel Manuel Rodríguez

  2. Genesis 3:15

    Author: Ángel Manuel Rodríguez

  3. Christians and War

    Author: Ángel Manuel Rodríguez

  4. Christ Saved the Human Race

    In what sense can we speak of Christ's saving the world? Does it mean His death actually redeems all persons, regardless of faith or its absence? Does it mean all are redeemed but only an elect group receives the benefit?

    Author: Ángel Manuel Rodríguez

  5. Third International Bible Conference Tour Book

  6. Seventh-day Adventists: A Brief Introduction to their Beliefs

    A brief review of the history and doctrines of the SDA church. Prepared for the dialogue with representatives of the Roman Catholic Church.

    Author: George W. Reid

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  7. The Nature of Christ: The Soteriological Question

    Author: Kwabena Donkor

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  8. Some Thoughts on Original Sin

    What do we mean by original sin, and is it taught in the Bible rather than based in Catholic theology alone?

    Author: Gerhard Pfandl

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  9. Fundamental Beliefs of Seventh-day Adventists

    The official statement of core beliefs of Seventh-day Adventists.

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  10. The Dynamics of Salvation

    A concise study of how humans are saved.

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